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Anshun, located in the middle of Guizhou Province and the eastern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, is one of nine top scenic destinations of China and the tourism center of west Guizhou province. Once an important centre for tea trading, Anshun remains the commercial hub of western Guizhou.

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Anshun, the center of South China Karst topography, features abundant rivers, waterfalls, gorges, caves, stone forests, lakes and underground rivers. There are in total over 100 waterfalls and 1,200 caves in the vicinity. Famous attractions include Huangguoshu Waterfall (one of the largest waterfalls in Asia) and Dragon Palace (or Longgong Cave – a marvelous karst wonder). As an ethnic minority group area, Anshun has kept intact its unique folklore. Stone Village (Shitou Zhai) is a Buyi ethnic village where all the constructions in the village are made of stone – stone houses, stone walls, flagstone roofs, flagstone roads, stone bridges and stone banks. It is said to be the birthplace of wax painting. The rich traditional festivals and customs of the Buyi people are a feast for tourists’ eyes.

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Getu River Scenic Area is considered one of the most beautiful examples of karst topography in the entire world. Besides the beautiful karst caves, one village situated in the cave will surely arouse tourists’ attention. This is a good place to experience the true meaning of human cave-living culture. The Jiulongshan National Forest Park is perhaps the resort closest to the city center. There you can enjoy the natural forest scenery and visit Tun Bu, a local village, where you can appreciate the living conditions of the inhabitants and enjoy the native social customs.