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The Silk Road

The Silk Road, is an ancient trade route that, linked China with the West. Goods and ideas were carried between the two great civilizations of Rome and China. Wools, gold, and silver went east and silk went west. Originating at Xi’an (Sian), the 6,400-km caravan tract followed the Great Wall of China to the northwest, […]

Gourd Decor

Hardshell gourds have been used as food and beverage containers, and art pieces for centuries. They are often referred to as “nature’s pottery” due to their beautiful variety of shapes and hardy uses. The creative crafting possibilities of hardshell gourds are endless; from bowls and cups, to purses, jewelry, ornaments, lampshades, boxes, bird houses and even a […]

Fertility Dolls from Ghana

One of the most distinctive wooden carvings of the Asante people in Ghana, is the small doll with a flat oval-shaped head called akua’ba (‘fertility doll’), a term which goes back to at least the 1920s. Akua’ba dolls are used by women who fear infertility. It is important for african women  to be successful in having children. […]

Fabric Wall Hangings

Tapestries, Persian prayer rugs, handmade rugs, needlepoint rugs, all make beautiful and unique wall hangings and don´t have to stay on the floor. Stylists and decorators know that rugs are as effective off the floor as they are on. Used as wall hangings in catalogs and photo shoots, they are a secret weapon in the […]