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Product Description:

Elegant elephant made of Murano glass with 24K gold leaf. Made by glass master artists. Amazingly beautiful elephants created by hand.

Glassmaking didn’t originate on the Venetian island of Murano, but its artisans elevated it to an art form. Murano became a bastion of glassmaking in 1291, when the Venetian Republic ordered its glassmakers to move their “furnaces,” or foundries, to the island. Ostensibly this was done to minimize the risk of a major fire, though some historians contend the real reason was to prevent visitors to the city-state from having easy access to trade secrets.

New collector´s item. Only ever displayed in the showroom.

Elephants are available in 3 sizes: 19 x 14cm (small), 35 x 23cm (medium), 41 x 37cm (big).